Lab Master – FAQs

Software will be delivered physically to your address. It will contain Installation CD / Dongle and User Manual. However only Dongle (USB Device) is most important as other things can be downloaded from net.

We strongly recommend the use of Demo Software before purchasing. There is no difference between Demo Software and actual software except the limitation of no of bookings. If you need clarification of any point at Demo level you can mail us on for clarification but please don’t buy if you have any doubts.

No need to worry at all. You can download Demo Software from our website and just insert dongle into the system. It will run properly. Your data might lost if you have not taken Backup.

We are sorry if dongle is lost or physically break you need to purchase it again. You can apply for some discount if you can give proof of stolen by giving FIR. that dongle will be disable permanently and cannot run by Lab Master again.

Dongle carries the warranty for one year. You need to courier us the dongle and we will replace it free of cost within 1 year of purchase. However after one year USD 50 + shipping charges have to be paid but you need to send dongle then only it can be replaced. In any case we will supply you the key no to makes thing smooth.

Lab Master is trouble free software doesn’t requires any type of support usually. For any queries you can mail on problem is not solved by mailing we can have online session using Ammy / Teamviewer. Online session cost at USD 10 per sitting (unless problem is solved).

You can download unlimited updation uptil one year of purchase. Just have to pay very nominal amount USD 50 to get it upgraded. In case you encounter bug you can apply for free upgradation.

You can apply for refund with in one month of purchase. Refund can only be made who buys from India or through credit card. To get the refund you need to send the complete product including dongle to our India office. Only then refund can be processed. Please try it well before buying. If you purchase from local dealer you need to request refund form him .We cannot force dealer to refund money.

Customization is genrally not possible . You can make a request customization at . If it is feasible we will charge @ USD 15 per man hour. It is our sole discretion to accept customizations or not.