SQL Backup Services & Support

SQL refers to Structured Query Language which provides support to create a snapshot from SQL server with the help of a Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS). Accurate InfoSoft offers SQL Backup Services to its customers which comes with its own benefits. A VSS compliant (SQL writer) is used to enable a third-party backup application to use the framework that can be used to backup files. Our firm provides SQL servers to keep all your personal as well as commercial information safe and sound.

ACSONNET SQL Backup is effortless and rapid SQL backup solutions to safeguard your Microsoft SQL Server clusters, servers, and databases.

How it Works

Our tools will be installed at your servers which will send daily log file of SQL Server to our cloud which will be in read only mode. We can provide you read only access to database.

Our Offers

Starts with USD 80 per month
(upto 100 GB database size)

We can also provide

  • SQL optimization
  • DBA services also
  • Report Generation from SQL

SQL Writers

An SQL writer comes with an SQL server which is used to handle a VSS interaction. An SQL writer works as a standalone service and is installed along with an SQL writer on installation. It needs to be explicitly enabled with the server machine to make it work. Accurate InfoSoft provides SQL writers along with the SQL servers. We help our customers to create a fine space for their information. We believe in revolutionising the future with our contribution towards creating an abode for information.


Features of SQL writer

  • Partial File: VSS partial file mechanism to report changed byte ranges within its data base file. We at Accurate InfoSoft, provide you the best of the features of our services.
  • Full text: a full text catalogue with particular specifications in a metadata document which are included in a backup automatically when a database is selected.
  • Restores with move: SQL writer supports VSS New Target which allows the full text to be relocated when the restore option is conducted.
  • Different file by modification time: SQL writer stores file by the record of their last modified date.
  • Auto-recovery: a snapshot of the SQL database which is obtainedthrough a VSS framework which is in a non-recovered state. But a VSS backup application can also allow its users to restore the snapshots. Accurate InfoSoft allows its users to take complete advantage of the features of an SQL writer.

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Why choose us?

Accurate InfoSoft offers its clients the finest services. We believe in satisfying our clients and we work hard to meet the expectations of our customers. We provide the best solutions for backups to our customers. SQL writer is a part of the SQL servers and majorly supports SQL servers only. We provide our excellent SQL services for our customers. We highly curb our quality of work and make sure our clients do not have a hard time.


  • What does SQL refer to?
    SQL refers to Structured Query Language.
  • Why do I need an SQL server?
    An SQL server can be used to manage or store information, databases or create a backup for our day-to-day digital work. SQLs can be used for personal as well as commercial work.
  • What is an SQL profiler?
    It is a tool, that allows a system administrator and just like its name, monitors the activities of an SQL server. It also saves the information of these events in spreadsheets.
  • Can SQL servers be linked?
    Yes, SQL servers can be connected to a database having a provides a link such as an OLE-DB provider.
  • What is a SQL server agent?
    The SQL server agent is very important for the SQL server administrator. The purpose of the SQL server is to carefully implement tasks smoothly at a scheduled date and time.


Accurate InfoSoft provides excellent services of varying scales. We hope to make the best out of your opportunity provided by our clients. We specialise in providing as well as managing SQL servers which are a useful backup for personal as well as all commercial uses. Our company focusses on customer satisfaction, so providing the best services is what we do. We try to provide flawless service just in order to make our customers happy and drive our firm to the heights of success. We as a firm open our services to the latest technological advancements to keep ourselves up-to-date. We leave no stone unturned to make sure that we make it worth your while.