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In today’s overtly competitive world, customer experience forms the real differentiator which can provide you a march over your peers. Managing customer relationships right from customer acquisition to customer support is an area which has a huge impact on customer experience. A few simple questions can provide a real insight in terms of how well you are managing your customer engagements.

  • Are you reaching out to the right prospects?
  • Is your sales team following up and closing the leads in a timely and useful fashion?
  • Are you avoiding lead leakage?
  • Is your sales conversion in line with your industry standards?
  • Is your customer service geared up to manage the huge inflow of customer interactions?
  • Are you servicing your customers within the agreed Service Level Agreements?
  • Are you doing well on your Net Promotor Score?

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An organization managing its customers well, will answers all the above questions in affirmative. In case its not, there is scope for improvement!

We specialize in solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to give your organization the competitive advantage needed in managing customer relationships covering the spectrum of Dynamics 365 including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Project Operations

CRM Implimentation


IT Assessment

With evolving needs and business growth, organizations implement multiple new systems while maintaining a lot of legacy applications to address new functionalities, regulatory concerns and support business areas. The net result is a build-up of IT applications across the enterprise leading to data silos, repeat transactional work, lack of visibility and huge maintenance overheads. We provide IT strategy assessment services to help you optimize the IT investments and provide a costed roadmap for IT investments for future. This enables the management to decide the optimal IT investments for future as well as sunset plan for existing redundant applications. Reach out to us today and we will align a sales specialist to talk to you.

Dynamics 365 CE Implementation

With our strong resource base, we offer business aligned Dynamics 365 implementation services to take your customer engagements to the next level and optimize your IT spends. We adhere to the best practices in CRM implementation to ensure timely and within budget implementation to ensure you get the desired Return on Investments keeping the total cost of ownership within the desired targets.

Our implementation teams include best in class functional and technical experts supported by Subject Matter Experts who provide best practices both from horizontal as well as vertical perspective to ensure the implementations go beyond simple automation of processes and help in improving processes and support real business outcomes. We hence provide you truly value driven implementation services on Dynamics 365 which can help you in improving customer targeting and segmentation, closing deals faster, improving deal closures and providing excellent customer service reducing costs and time to serve. For more details of our implementation services, please reach out to us.

Dynamics 365 CE Support Service

Are you spending increasing time and effort on supporting your Dynamics 365 stack? Leave the support services to our Dynamics support specialists who can take care of all system level needs leaving you to focus on your core competence to make your business grow! We provide support services with different service models and SLAs based on your needs. This includes dedicated on call support (24X7, 8X5, etc) or shared support (resource based or hour based). We can also provide multi-geo support through dedicated route with adequate overlaps and hand-offs. For more information, please reach out to us today .

Customized Development

Are you looking for enhancements to existing functions, new custom developments or any new integrations for your existing Dynamics 365 implementation but bogged down by huge development costs and timelines? Our Dynamics 365 functional and development teams are there to provide custom developments or quick “mini-implementations” to keep your business team focusing on what they do best – run the business! We can take care of enhancements big and small to keep business support rolling without any overheads and delays. Contact us today to know more about our custom development service on Dynamics 365.