VB6 Migration

Your company is running application developed in VB6 and application is vast with millions of line of code. You need to add functionality to existing applications / do bug fixing / migrate to latest technologies but unable to do because of cost / infrastructure constraints

VB6 Application Maintenance Support

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Microsoft has officially discontinued support for VB6 from March 2008. There is no proven/ Microsoft approved / 100 % accurate automatic migration strategy defined to migrate the existing projects to new technologies. Any migration involves major checking/ re-checking so more or less it comes out to be complete manual re-writing

What are the options available?

  • This option involves complete understanding of the project in depth and making sure that each and every functionality in the existing application is maintained in the new application. This is a very resource intensive job with you needing functional experts with complete domain knowledge, technical skills to create new application and testing professionals who can create and test different use cases.
    The most tedious job is thorough testing since the application is running for last 15-20 years with all the use cases required completely handled.
    With complete re-writing you are never sure that if any thing fails in the conversion that may be biggest bottleneck
  • Since new requirements are generated every now and then so let us continue investing in VB6 code since Microsoft has announced that run time for VB6/VBA applications will continue in Windows 10 and next 5 years.
    This is seemingly very safe approach but the problem lies that we are wasting our complete effort in the new development. Also may be 5-10 year down the line all of the sudden everything stops working because Microsoft might discontinue all together any support in future OS.
  • In this approach we start adding new functionalities or new requirement in latest technologies and at the same time we continue changing existing VB6.
    We need to analyze based on requirement whether if it’s a new requirement or involve major changes then add those functionalities in new program but for some minor changes continue changing in existing VB6 code. Also, when there is less workload start migrating the frequently used functionality in the latest technologies
    This approach is best suited when the project size is large and we cannot risk any breakdown in the functionality

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How does We (Accurate info soft Pvt Ltd) fit in ?

We have worked with VB6 projects in last 20 years and developed many software products which are still running in VB6. Since we are the software development company, we need to maintain the existing projects in VB6 along with the projects in the latest technologies so we have more than 20 years of experience in handling the VB6 applications.

What we offer

We can provide you:

  • Technical persons who can maintain your existing applications.
  • Provide changes in the existing applications based on the requirement.
  • Provide Hybrid development approach in which existing VB6 applications are maintained and simultaneously converting application to latest technologies.
  • Help you plan the migration strategy to follow for complete migration from VB6 to latest technologies with minimum risks.
  • Creating add-ons on the existing application like creating Dash boards / MIS reporting based on the current application.

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