Cloud migration basically refers to a process where digital assets for example- applications, workload, company’s data or IT resources are moved to a cloud infrastructure. This service is provided by our firm and we believe there are some basic information should be known by the clients. Following is what we do and certain aspects about the concept.

Cloud migration is commonly used to move the user’s data from traditional storage devices like an on-premises storage to the cloud storage. The Cloud- which is also known as ‘cloud computing’ also refers to a type of computer services accessed over the internet. This pool of services is easily accessible to its users. It gives an instant access, that too without any setup. Cloud Migration services from Accurate InfoSoft helps you to store all your business-related data on a cloud which is virtual and does not occupy any space in the real world.

Types of Cloud Migrations Offered By Us

When a cloud is thought of as a utility, it’s the public cloud which is one of the types of deployment models. There are several other kinds of clouds such as a public cloud, a private cloud and a hybrid cloud.Accurate InfoSoft offers its clients all types of cloud migration services to their efficiency.


Public cloud

A public cloud is owned by a cloud service provider over the internet. Most of these people are completely available for its users and mostly free-of-use for anyone who want to access these services. There are many advantages of the public cloud and that is why it is the most common choice for cloud servers. We, at Accurate Info Soft, provide our customers, the service of a public cloud. Some of the very famous public clouds are- Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM cloud and many more. The advantages of a public cloud are-24×7 uptime, simpler management, and to be able to pay only for the services that you use.

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Private cloud

Directive by its name, a private cloud is a single-party owned by a particular organization for their own private information. This also means that the information stores can only be accessed by certain people and not everyone. Our firm provides services in the most efficient way, we are very dedicated towards the safety of their backups. Accurate InfoSoft has a team of experts who know exactly what a customer wants and works for it.

Importance of Having Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is basically a combination of private as well as a public cloud. It allows the users to have a privacy element but still provide them with all of the big benefits of the public cloud. Use of some sort of on-site hardware is also required for the use of a hybrid cloud. It is not much cost-effective like public clouds but servers its users quiet well for the money they pay. We at Accurate Info Soft provide some excellent cloud storage solutions for our customers.


Multi-cloud offers the smooth use of multiple clouds by a single user. A user can get access to multiple clouds- a mix of private as well as public clouds to cut off their reliance on one sole cloud provider. Multi-cloud can easily use preferable services from a mix of public and private clouds whereas a hybrid cloud can only use varying models not a single service.

Benefits of having a cloud storage

Basically, there are some benefits of cloud storage like- efficiency, cost cutting and secure storage of data. Some of the basic benefits of migrating to cloud are: Elasticity, Effectiveness, Flexibility, Scalability, Cost-effectiveness and Agility.

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Accurate Info Soft provides excellent cloud storage services for its customers. We manage your data in the most efficient possible ways. Our services are completely up to our customer’s expectations and we make the best use of our customer’s trust. This kind of cloud storage require a well-trained IT personnel because of complex working of the system and Accurate Info Soft has just the right people to help you.


  • What kind of businesses can use cloud storage?
    Any business having the need to store their information in a safe space can make complete use of cloud storage. Accurate Info Soft allows its customers to create a haven for all their classified information.
  • Will my data be safe in a cloud?
    A user’s data is completely safe in a cloud. There are various security checks at regular intervals and the data is monitored.
  • Will opting cloud storage cut off cost?
    Depends, if cloud storage is opted and managed in an efficient way, it can definitely be a cost saver.