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Medical Software

This is only Updateable version. All the files are in zip format. Copy the files to appropriate folder and unzip the exe file to that folder .Your software will get updated. It is always recommended to take backup before updating.     CONVERT YOUR LAB MASTER TO WEB BASED.

      ADMINISTRATOR PLUS (AP.ZIP) (LastModified: 05/Dec/2018 Size: 12369600) Release Notes

      LAB MASTER (DOS based)

      CHEMPACK (Chemist Shop)(LastModified: 01/Jul/2017 Size: 4306201) Release Notes

      LabMaster Window Based (LastModified: 13/Dec/2018 Size: 4055315)

      STORE (LastModified: 28/Jul/2014 Size: 3823575)

      HOSPITAL ACCOUNTING (LastModified: 31/Mar/2018 Size: 2143227)

      HOSPITAL MIS(LastModified: 13/Feb/2018 Size: 2514687)

      HOSPITAL LAB(LastModified: 14/Dec/2018 Size: 4175653)

      HOSPITAL MRD(LastModified: 09/Oct/2018 Size: 3316839) 

      ECAPS Hospital(LastModified: 17/Dec/2018 Size: 13157539)  Release Notes

IMPORTANT   Please download this patch file for upgrading your Software     Barcode Update 


      TARGET (General Accounting Software) (LastModified: 06/Jul/2017 Size: 4419065)

      Sale on hire basis DOS Based

      Sale on hire basis Windows Based (LastModified: 17/Dec/2018 Size: 6457795)Release Notes

      PAYROLL (LastModified: 23/Jun/2017 Size: 2061544)

     Accounting Software (DOS Based)

Software for Nursing Home
      MediPlus (LastModified: 23/Nov/2018 Size: 4314192)

      MediPlus(Secrity Settings)(LastModified: 09/Apr/2010 Size: 8539)

     Medi Plus Demo update (LastModified: 27/Aug/2009 Size: 4180972)

Dongle validation (multi user)
Multi user validation (LastModified: 03/Aug/2015 Size: 32052)

      Dongle Installation(LastModified: 05/Mar/2009 Size: 10323156)  

ECAPS (LastModified: 20/Nov/2015 Size: 116)

     ERP Setup(LastModified: 24/Feb/2007 Size: 26620158)

     Dot Net FrameWork 2.0 
     ECAPS Demo (with Setup) (LastModified: 24/Nov/2009 Size: 40032798)

Additional Updates
Charts / Graphs Update (LastModified: 23/Mar/2009 Size: 497579)
      Month Picker (Required for Chempack software) (LastModified: 15/May/2009 Size: 22493 )
       Additional Files for ECAPS Hospital  (LastModified: 06/Nov/2017 Size: 1213226)
      Mail Integration  (LastModified: 24/Nov/2009 Size: 520193)

Real State
Real Estate Program Temporay Version(LastModified: 13/Jul/2012 Size: 5014684 )
  Real Estate Program Temporay Version(1)(LastModified: 18/Jan/2013 Size: 5027232 )

Trouble Shooting

 Check for TCP/IP Port Status

 Microsoft Security Patch (Vulnerability in Server Service Could Allow Remote Code Execution)

 AP Testing Version(LastModified: 27/Oct/2018 Size: 12367201)

Lab Master 64 Bit Setup

Lab Master 64 Bit-- (Files to be copied in Application folder)

Report Component Update

 AP Testing Version(LastModified: 27/Oct/2018 Size: 12367201 )

Web Components update

 Additional Files required for Web(LastModified: 09/Dec/2010 Size: 6758780)

 Additional Files required for Web(Dev10)(LastModified: 24/Feb/2011 Size: 2373637)

 Additional Files required for ASP Report Viewer Control (2010)(LastModified: 17/May/2011 Size: 8351286)

 Crystal Reports 13.0.13 Run time 64 Bit

 Crystal Reports 13.0.13 Run time 32 Bit

 Additional Files required for ASP Report Viewer Control (2010)(LastModified: 17/May/2011 Size: 8351286)

 Panel Info Online(Trial)(LastModified: 25/Feb/2011 Size: 0)

 Online Lab for Hospital(Trial)(LastModified: 26/Nov/2018 Size: 41840579)

 Online Patient Management(Trial)(LastModified: 13/Dec/2018 Size: 82916225)
Alternate Link for download OPM

 Online OPD/IPD Billing Inevntory(Trial)(LastModified: 14/Dec/2018 Size: 70383281)
Alternate Link for download of Aptransaction

 Billing in Regional Language(Trial)(LastModified: 23/Feb/2016 Size: 3859909)

 Online Accouting(Trial)(LastModified: 29/Nov/2018 Size: 51563879)
Alternate Link for download of Ecapsweb

 AMMYY Admin Remote Desktop Software


Help Documents

Help Documents

How to implement Service Tax in AP



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