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We provide stabilized support to every type of software. As with the growing complexity in IT World and ever-evolving technologies and solutions, the demand for stabilization is a crucial aspect.

We work to transform the existing applications into lighter and optimized one in order to achieve the best results. Our motive is to make applications more reliable and more available to users.

We at Accurate Info Soft Pvt. Ltd. provides solutions that handle everything from initial to the final stage. We offer Application Management and SAP support to organizations of every domain.

Cloud Migration

If you want to move your data from one cloud environment to another and need to get the correct usage of applications or any other business elements to a cloud-based environment then you are at the right place. Team Accurate provides various solutions that can handle issues related to your cloud requirements.

SQL Backup Services

For maintenance and stabilization of the data of any organization - data integrity, data security & backups are required. Accurate Info Soft provides various backup services and SQL backup master to manage your softwares. Our technical team can help you to improve internal efficiency and increase user satisfaction.

Inventory Management Services

Whether it be manufacturing or warehouse management all what is required is that data from the initial to final stage should be structured and managed so that an organization can run smoothly. We provide various inventory management & warehousing management services and maintenance related to it.

Web Application Development

When any web application is developed, it requires a lot of maintenance and stability management softwares for remote servers that are distributed over the internet to the user's device. We at Accurate Info Soft provide various management services to manage, handle, smooth deployment and maintenance of your web applications.

Mobile Application Development

Accurate info Soft provides various services that can handle issues related to softwares of any domain. During the development and deployment of mobile applications that needs a lot of management softwares for maintenance, Accurate Info Soft is here to resolve your problems and gives you the efficient result.

Downtime Reductions

To manage downtime of any application, it involves a lot of aspects. Our team handles all the problems related to downtime reduction and provides results to clients with fully managed support. We provide versatile application management services for applications and software that are required to run your organization with reduced downtime.

Accurate AMS

AMS practice offers a wide range of services and capabilities including Test automation capabilities, Transition planning, and management, Application Modernization, DevOps, Database integrity, Application Development, etc.

End-to-End Managed Services

Provide omnichannel support, centralized delivery of products, end-to-end automation, processes for DevOps and business-aligned Key Performance Indicator(KPI).

Business-Aligned IT Services

Our customer-centered approach involves outsourcing, rightsizing and rebadging of applications. Resources include automation of systems, rationalization of portfolios and management of relationships.

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We believe that the fascinating pace of growth in technology will conquer each and every industrial vertical. Hence, we provide solutions that can serve various types of indsutrial requirements. Team Accurate comprises of various tech leaders working with a common goal to provide best of our capabilities to the clients.

— Sachin Gupta

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